Make your Dream Decor

A happy senior woman sitting and resting while doing paint craft outdoors in garden.

Make your Dream Decor Coco Dietz When scrolling on your preferred social media application, it is hard to miss the endless, seemingly pristeen homes that your friends or influencers seem to have. It makes you wonder how much those decorations must cost and the envy can set in, making you wish you had a house […]

Embracing the Stay-Cation

Family dinner outdoors. Family dinner with organic salad and cheese on trendy scandinavian style table in garden. Healthy aesthetic beautiful food, summer staycation concept. Aerial view or top view

Embracing the Stay-Cation Coco Dietz With winter fully setting in, things can seem pretty dark and dim after all of the fun winter festivities of the last couple months have come to an end. It is easy to slip into a winter complacency with no end in sight. But planning ahead with things to look […]