Make your Dream Decor

When scrolling on your preferred social media application, it is hard to miss the endless, seemingly pristeen homes that your friends or influencers seem to have. It makes you wonder how much those decorations must cost and the envy can set in, making you wish you had a house that looks like those magazine ready homes. With a little creativity and a quick run to either the thrift or craft store you can be one step closer to those picture perfect homes! 

Upcycled jar

There always seems to be a surplus of jars at the thrift store that are just sitting there collecting dust. Why not give them a brand new purpose and new life? Pick one up, spruce it up, dress it up, give it a new breath of life. Take some lace and wrap it around the center of the jar, wrap the lace around the jar so that they meet where you want the front of the jar to be. Take a flower or other decorative item and place it on top of the lace where the glue seam is. That’s it! Now you can have a cute vase or candle holder to add a touch of cute and whimsey to any room! 

Plank of Wood turned adorable!

Many people have old pieces of projects laying around their houses waiting to either be finished or turned into something new. If you have any spare wood laying around this project is for you and do not worry; the older-looking the wood the better! Cut the wood into ten or twelve inches in length. Take a spare piece of fabric that you like the pattern of and wrap it around the bottom half of the cut plank of wood, you can add embellishments such as lace, stamps, or other small decor items to the front of the fabric to add more if the fabric is too plain on its own. Staple the fabric to the back of the plank of wood leaving a pocket of fabric on the front. Fill the front pocket with fake flowers and other vegetation. The final touch is adding a string on the back to be able to hang it up on the wall if you would like and you are done!

A happy senior woman sitting and resting while doing paint craft outdoors in garden.