Embracing the Stay-Cation

With winter fully setting in, things can seem pretty dark and dim after all of the fun winter festivities of the last couple months have come to an end. It is easy to slip into a winter complacency with no end in sight. But planning ahead with things to look forward to is just the thing to pull you from that wintery funk!

You don’t need a large fancy trip to have a nice and well-celebrated Spring Break vacation. Sometimes just having a nice change of place or location can be enough to bring the spark of excitement back! Consider this year having a stay-cation where you can rent a hotel room in the town you live in and explore the parts of the city that you do not see often or, if need be, hop on over to the unexplored neighboring town. There is a lot to explore in our own backyards. There might be wonderous things just waiting to be discovered by you. 

If you are wanting to save a little money this Spring Break but still wanting to have the feel of a vacation, consider staying at your house but treating it more like a hotel room instead of the place you stay day in and day out. Hotel rooms are not generally used for much more than a place to sleep until the next day of activities. So get out and see the parts of the town that you have not been to since you first moved in or have not seen at all. Vacation can be just a state of mind instead of an expensive and lengthy trip out of the country or state.