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“Family is important because it provides love, support and a framework of values to each of its members. Family members teach each other, serve one another and share life’s joys and sorrows. Families provide a setting for personal growth. Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life.”

   Life has brought many challenges to my life but, no matter what the circumstance, I’ve always found encouragement through reading books and articles.  This is why I love to write!  Topics are unlimited, and I enjoy creating short, informative articles that help families through all stages of life.  We lead busy lives and, among this hustle and bustle, it’s nice to stop and read something that fills us with hope and joy.  Our goal is to help inspire families and present material that benefits all ages.  As always we love and value your feedback and hope you are uplifted by these articles.  

Kris Duyck

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Kellis Pike

Public Relations

Kellis enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading a good book, having a Netflix binge and cuddling with her sweet cat.
She loves to talk about movies and her favorite article to write was Family Road Trips.

Lauren Pugh


Lauren’s favorite activities include spending time outside and playing with her two dogs.  She enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and music and spending time with friends and family.
Her favorite article to write was How to Snap the Perfect Candid Photo from your Phone.

Gabrielle Taite


Gabrielle’s hobbies include watching movies, shopping, crafting, reading, and listening to music.
Her favorite article to write was the DIY Blanket.

Reagan Smith


Reagan enjoys cooking, crafts, and hanging out with her friends and precious puppy.
Her favorite article to write was How to Make Your Own Candle.

Paloma Guerra


Paloma loves to paint, read, write, run and take pictures. Her favorite article to write was Kid Friendly Board Games. 

Living With Cancer

Read the stories of these three brave women and moms who were given news that would change them forever.  You will  get an idea of the emotions and trauma cancer patients go through and see pictures of just how quickly a disease can take control of you.  These amazing women are great reminders that we need to be thankful for the small things in life such as our health and time with friends and family.   

Click the pictures below to read each of their inspiring stories.

Janice Duyck-Welch

Courtney Line

Lindsay  Harrell

How to Snap the Perfect Candid Photo from your Phone

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Lets Get Crockin!

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Inspirational Date Ideas

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Summer Snacks

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Kid Friendly Apps

By Kellis Pike

Spring Cleaning

Importance of Taking a Day Off

By Paloma Guerra

Creative Ways to Recycle

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Preparing for College

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Becoming Divergent

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