Work Smarter, Not Harder

By Heather Jones

Have you always dreamed of getting that college degree?  What stopped you?  Maybe it was something called… LIFE!

Well… thanks to advanced technology, you can now get your entire college degree online.  Many colleges, including Texas Tech University, offer classes that are completely remote for “distance learners.”  What’s better?  Those that take these classes don’t necessarily have to be distant.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the same city, state, or even out of the country… there are online courses that are available to you and can aid you in getting your degree.

young man person using computer laptop or tablet for work and learning online communication from home, cyberspace education technology for business people or student using to work, hipster businessman

The most beneficial aspect of getting a college degree online is the flexibility that it encompasses. Whether you have a job, family, timely commitments, or all of the above – online classes allow students to complete courses according to their own schedules as long as deadlines are met.  Professors are also just as readily available to their students via email and zoom, so students aren’t at a disadvantage if they have questions or need clarification.

Texas Tech even caters to online students’ needs and withholds various online classes from face-to-face learners until a month before classes start.  This strategy ensures that online learners have enough time to enroll.

University students working in library
Group Of Mature Adult Students In Class Working At Computers In College Library

With all of this being said, you can now make your dreams of a college degree a reality with online learning.  Technology has given individuals the opportunity to advance their education without disrupting their lives.  Now, universities have offered a way for individuals to be a student in the midst of all other duties and time commitments that may have stood between them and their college degree before.