Tips for Fabulous Family Photos

Family photos are a huge part of a lot of families during the Fall/Winter seasons. If you’re a new family or even just new to the family photo scene, here are some of our top tips when it comes to taking family photos. 

What to Wear

Sticking to neutral colors like browns, whites, blacks, nudes, etc., is your best bet. These colors aren’t distracting to the eye and will help everything fall right into place. If you do feel like you need more than just color, stick to simple patterns like floral or stripes.


If posing for photos makes you anxious like me, Pinterest can be your best friend. Look up family photos on Pinterest, find some that you like, send them to your photographer, and let them work their magic. 

tips for family photos

West Texas Locations

We reached out to a local photographer for some of her favorite spots in the Lubbock area and this is what she told me. For a more fun background, head on over to the Horticulture Garden on the Texas Tech campus. If you’re wanting Christmas photos, the Christmas tree on campus is a great place for photos. The last place is Ransom Canyon, this is a great location for a more nature-based shoot.

Photographer Tips

For photographers, make sure when you’re shooting, use a tripod. This will help with shakiness and have a constant level of the photos. Bringing props can always be fun too. Ask your client if they have any props they may want you to bring. My final tip is to bring a spray bottle and toys for young kids. A spray bottle can help with flyaways in hair for any age. Toys can help young kids stay focused and look toward the camera. This can be a scary moment for young kids as it’s a new experience so bringing toys can help keep a smile on their faces.