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Taking A Day Off!

Whether you are a full-time college student, a mom running kids all over town, or a dad working countless hours to put food on the table you all have one thing in common.  The need to destress and reenergize by TAKING A DAY OFF! Our culture today tells us that unless we are sick, we shouldn’t want or need a day off.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Your mental health is your greatest asset.

A day that doesn’t abide by a set schedule; how does that sound?    Give your brain a break from your daily worries or tasks and tomorrow will start off so much better!  Many feel they are wasting time if they aren’t being productive.  We don’t place near enough value on the importance of relaxing and having a day to ourselves.  If you are a planner then plan away!  Schedule your day off in advance and at an appropriate time when things aren’t crazy at work or you’ve got a deadline to meet.

        Fill the day with hobbies you enjoy if this helps you feel more productive.  Go for a run, paint, grab lunch with a friend or watch a movie, sleep, binge watch TV and resist the urge to think about work.  Give your brain a 24-hour break!  You will feel your happy endorphins kick in and find a little peace from that maze in your brain!

        We encourage you to not feel guilty for taking a day of rest, relaxation and fun to refocus and reenergize.  This day is meant to stimulate your brain outside of a set schedule.  Your body and mind will grow more accustomed to these glorious days off that you’ll wonder how you ever did without them!