Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening Kara Hyden Do you have a green thumb and want to try indoor gardening? Or do you just want to experiment with it to save some money? Regardless of your reason, having an indoor garden adds beauty to your home, boosts your mood, and improves air quality. But you may be asking yourself, […]

Fall Gardening

Gardening this Autumn Grace Morgan Lubbock and the surrounding areas are in the USDA Hardiness Zone 7. We experience relatively mild winters with average minimum temperatures between 0°F (-17.8°C) and 10°F (-12.2°C). This gives us a great opportunity for nearly year-round gardening. In fact, many of the crops below do much better in the fall […]

Prep Tips for the Perfect Garden

women gardening starting seeds spring garden

Prep Tips for the Perfect Garden Kristin Rodin Sunshine and warmer weather make spring the perfect time to break out your green thumb. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your flower beds or plant vegetables and herbs, prepping your garden is a must. Check out these tips to ensure you have a successful garden!  Fertilizers […]