Summer Snacks that Beat the Heat

By Madison Rodriguez

We have all experienced the overwhelming heat of a Texas summer.  Summer can get miserably hot quickly, so how do you beat the heat?  You can always jump in a pool or purchase a fan, but the best way to beat the heat is to eat a refreshing and cool snack.  Here are four creative ideas for summer snacks that will cool you off in the warmest of temperatures!

Boozy Sugared Prosecco Grapes in a Bowl for Dessert

Frozen Grapes with Stevia and Lime Juice

Everyone loves sour candy, and no one wants to drive to the supermarket in the scorching heat.  Simply freeze some grapes, and sprinkle them will a little bit of sweetner and lime juice.  This snack is perfect poolside, or even inside watching a movie with your family!

Fruit Juice Pops

When the temperatures are at their highest on a summer day, sometimes all you need is a frozen treat.  Instead of heading to the nearest ice cream shop, why not freeze some fruit juice from your kitchen in a popsicle mold?  Fruit juice popsicles are refreshing, full of delectable flavors, and hassle-free!

Healthy snack for hot summer days.
Summer Watermelon Salad with feta cheese and mint in a wooden plate. Wooden background. Top view.

Watermelon and Feta Cheese

If you have a refined palate, why not try watermelon with feta for a sophisticated summer snack?  This new twist on a classic summer favorite will make you want to invite your friends over for a dinner party!

Fruit Kabobs

Sometimes, the best way to eat a snack is to change up the presentation!  Instead of putting your fruit into a regular old bowl, try switching it up!  Add some hydrating fruit to a kabob, and you and all your loved ones will be cooled down in the worst temperatures Texas heat has to offer.

Fruit skewers, healthy summer snack for party kabobs

These snacks are not only innovative; they are as cool as a cucumber!  Try out some of these snacks, and your summer day will be fun in the sun!