Staying Healthy this Winter

With the winter in full blast all the germs are thriving and sickness is running rampant. Trying to stay healthy this time of the year is a particular challenge. But hopefully with our health tips you will stay happy and healthy this winter to spend more time doing what you love with the people you love!

Wash Your Hands, Often

Washing your hands thoroughly and often is key to preventing sickness from spreading. How many times a day do you absentmindedly go about your day and touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands? That allows the germs the highway into your immune system that they are looking for. Wash those hands and wash them often to get that sickness as far away from you as possible. 

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Clean, clean, CLEAN

Some germs can stay alive on a surface for up to eight hours, that is why it is imperative to clean those surfaces, especially those that have been in contact with potentially contaminated objects. Clean them thoroughly and clean them often to prevent the spread of those unwanted germs. Consider cleaning with vinegar to help further that sanitization process. Another cleaning tip to try is cleaning with heat; heat kills the bacteria and can help eliminate the potential of that sickness spreading. 

Help your body do what it does best

Our bodies are very good at fighting off unwanted bacteria if we give them the best fighting chance we can. So here are some ways to help boost your immune system. Bump up that vitamin intake, whether it is through orange juice or supplements–help get those healthy vitamins in your body to keep it strong. Make sure you are getting enough rest as well. Get good sleep so your body has all the tools it needs to keep that sickness as far away from you as possible!