What Memories Will You Give Your Children?

We all hope that we play a major part in helping create wonderful memories for our children as they grow. And while we have no control over which activities will stand out in their minds, we do have some control over how we give every opportunity for some really great memories.

Even though you probably have family traditions that will be passed down, it might be fun to explore some new ways to add to their bucket of memories. Here are a few we thought of.

–Pillow Talk Before Bedtime—Your children will love just 3-5 minutes of soft encouragement and words of love spoken over them right before bedtime. They may or may not remember all the words you speak, but, they will always remember the way they felt right before they went to sleep.

–Candy Making Night—We know of one family that gathers in several other family members one night every year to make several big batches of candy. The treats are then divided up and sent home to each family group. If your family is not into making candy, try decorating cookies, or choosing some produce to prepare for canning or freezing.

–Playing Games—Family Game Nights are always fun—but, especially memorable if your family tends to gravitate to one particular game to keep running scores, or running family jokes. Over the course of time, these nights in themselves will create layers of memories through the years. Be sure to check out how one local Lubbock family uses Pickleball to enjoy their time together and create memories. You can find the article here (insert link).

–Experiencing Something New as a Family—This would involve, moving to a new town or school and making new relationships together. It could also mean everyone trying the zip line when you vacation this summer, or going rafting together as a family. There’s something about those first-time learning experiences that help us bond as a family, that bring laughter (or tears!) and seals the memories.