Spruce Up Your Backyard

Would you like to spruce up your  backyard but aren’t sure where to start?    This type of project doesn’t have to break the bank or take up a lot of your time, and the end result will be worth it!  Here are a few suggestions on ways to vamp up your backyard and get it party ready!

String lights – Drape them across your fence or hang them on your patio to create a fun, romantic or party atmosphere everyone will enjoy. 

Plants – Plants can add color, beauty and a fresh scent to your backyard.  Many shrubs are low maintenance and look beautiful lining your backyard.  Geraniums come in bold colors and have a sweet smell.

Shower curtain – Paint something fun and colorful on an old shower curtain and turn it into art.  Hang it on hooks from your patio.  There are hundreds of artistic looking shower curtains to purchase too if this suits you better.  They are weather resistant, inexpensive, and usually a great conversation starter.

Stepping stones – Make a stepping stone path to add dimension to your backyard.  Stepping stones are fairly inexpensive and come in different shapes. You can even spray paint or stain them to add some color.