Hope For Helping Children Through Emotional Scars

By Rebekah Porter

None of us want our children to end up with emotional scars—yet, we all know that it is a fact of life that they will experience, hurts, disappointments, possible bullying, and rejections.  Are there some ways parents can help children work through these hurts so the scars are not so dramatic?  Thankfully, yes there is.

First, create a positive atmosphere.  Positivity breeds life.  Help your child see the good in themselves, in others, and in the world.  Whatever event or circumstance has led to scars may or may not change, but, using gratitude and encouragement to set an atmosphere for positivity will go far to minimize their scars.

Secondly, affirmations settle insecurities.  Children with emotional scars tend to hide behind their insecurities.  They are unsure of themselves and may fear everyone is watching their every move waiting for them to fail.  Make a point to be the affirming voice and remind them of their unique identity.

Lastly, make a point to be their “Safe Person”.  Foster a place where vulnerability is held with careful regard.  Sometimes children do not have the words to express where their hurt comes from.  They might even process the hurts in anger or aggressive behavior.  Try not to take any of it personally, but keep in perspective what they might have been through and try to truly listen.  Many times, your presence alone with a listening heart will create a place of healing for them.

As parents or caregivers, we can never fix all the issues for our children.  However, we can guide them to healing and wholeness with a loving heart. We can encourage them to see beyond the current situation and help them learn to overcome the hard things that life might have thrown at them.