Re-imagine those Snow Days

Having your kids home for a snow day can seem like a migraine waiting to happen but with these fun indoor activities the snow will turn into a family-wide party that will get everyone excited and involved! 

Indoor Snowball Fight

Now before you think about your great grandmother’s lamp getting knocked over into a thousand pieces, hear me out. Rolling up some plastic wrap into balls with a little tape to keep them together will keep them light enough that they will not cause as much damage as an actual snow ball fight might. This way you can have a safe snowball fight that will have your kids burning energy while having a blast in the process. Especially if you tell them to throw something while still in the house if that is not usually allowed–letting them “break” the rules can add another layer of fun that will exhilarate them to no end. 

Science Experiments

Imagine this, your childhood self is donning a white button up shirt as a ‘lab coat’ and putting on goggles to go into their ‘laboratory’ to conduct a world changing experiment as a professional scientist. With the excitement bursting through your chest you open the door to what was formerly your kitchen–now turned laboratory–your mission? To mix two ingredients together to learn what might happen. It could be dangerous but you are brave, you are a scientist after all. With a vial of vinegar in your shaking hand, you pour it over the large bowl where a small pile of baking soda waits for the foul smelling liquid to make contact. What will happen next? You may know what is happening next as an adult, having seen this experiment before, but with a good dose of imagination and a dash of creativity it can seem like the coolest moment to your child.

Children are studying science. Use the magnifying glass in the laboratory