This summer marks 16 years since I have owned Lubbock’s Home & Family Magazine—and what changes I have witnessed in those years!  When I acquired it, the format was totally different being that of a tabloid magazine in size and paper style producing monthly issues.  In 2014, we transitioned to a glossy magazine producing quarterly issues.

In 2019, for several reasons, we transitioned again to a totally digital format.  Our readers were getting younger and they were all used to reading material online.  Sure enough, our readership followed, and I see Moms now sitting in their cars after school, not holding a book or a magazine to read, but, holding their phones and finding the same great information.

My readers have been loyal through the years and have encouraged us every step of the way.  There have been a number of friends, interns, and people I don’t even know submit material for publication and much of it I have used.  Even though our content is not exhaustive in nature, it is intended to give you ideas, to inspire, and to uplift you as you strive to improve your families’ lives.

May you all enjoy this spring and summer to the fullest.  Enjoy your families.  Go out with your friends.  Make some new friends and learn something new to stay young and vibrant in your life.  We only get this one life to experience whatever we choose in this world.  Hopefully, between the variety of snack recipes, the vacation spots, and the gift ideas found in this issue, you will experience some of those new things.

My appreciation to you all—

Melody Dawes


MKD Publishing