Preparing for college

Preparing for college can be challenging for the parent and child.  Time flies and, before you know it, you and your precious angel will experience separate lifestyles.  How do we really know what to expect on this new venture?  After he/she has been accepted to a college, what are your next steps?  Parents may feel overwhelmed and unprepared so we have a few tips towards making this transition easier.


Thoroughly research the city, school, housing options, and on-campus activities your child can be involved in. If your child is attending the same college you attended, look what changes and updates have been made since you were a student there. Add important dates to your calendar such as Parent’s Weekend and school breaks. Ask other college parents for suggestions on what your child should bring with them. Once you feel more knowledgeable you'll be better equipped to help your child along the way.

Be There

Let your child know they are always on your mind and you are just a phone call away. Send care packages and letters of encouragement to brighten their day. Keep in constant communication, and be their biggest supporter. Effective communication is key towards gaining a child's trust and devotion.


Like any parent, you may be wondering if you have prepared your child over the past 18 years to take on this new stage of independence. Don’t let this consume you but have faith that you have given him/her the confidence and wisdom to make the right choices. Share uplifting scripture and positive quotes that bring peace to you and your child. Trust that they will stay moral and ethical remembering the valuable lessons you taught them.

“Two Gifts We Give Our Children are Roots & Wings”

Empty Nesters

Things will change at home. The house will seem quieter, dirty dishes that used to be left around the house will disappear, and your once full calendar will no longer exist. You’ll miss greeting them when they come home, watching them play sports, having friends over, and interacting with other parents. You and your spouse will have to discover a new “normal” and create routines that fit your current lifestyle. It’s important for “empty-nesters” to find hobbies and activities that interest you individually and together. This will be a time of reconnecting as a couple and learning to date again and love each other in a whole new way!

Empty Nest Is Your Chance to Finally Focus on YOU!