Interested in a Play Group for Your Child?

By Jade Champion

As much as we hate to admit it, there are some things that we cannot teach our children on our own.  For example, social development is something that your child will learn from their peers. Whether you have an outgoing daredevil or a shy squirrel, social development is an important part of growing up.  Staring a playgroup for your child could be a wonderful way to increase confidence while providing your child with a little bit of fun.  If there are not established playgroups of your liking, consider starting one on your own.  Here’s how:

Look for an established bond 

If your child is in a form of daycare or school, pay attention to the children they naturally gravitate towards.  If you notice that your child says hello to certain children every day and vice versa, make conversation with their parents.  Build upon that relationship so that there is an established bond before planning a play date.

Limit the Number

Limiting the number of kids can help avoid over stimulation for your child and yourself.  The more parents, the more you might feel the need to make conversation with all of them.  There is no need to create more stress in your life, right?   Plus, it allows for the children to form a quicker bond if the circle is kept smaller.  In time, you can slowly introduce more children, but keep it small in the beginning. Four to six children within the same age range is ideal.

Test the Chemistry

Arrange for a play date on neutral ground.  A playground is a great place to meet.  Keep the playdate to an hour as to not overwhelm the kids (and grown-ups).  Chemistry does not mean that you need to be best friends with the other parents, but you should at least be compatibie in personality traits.  If there is chemistry, plan to meet regularly.  It is recommended to alternate locations to keep the play date fun and spontaneous. 

Play Group 3