Perfect Perennials

By Madison Rodriguez

Plants during the spring and summer are enthralling, but it can be difficult to decide what flowers to plant in your garden.  Beautiful buds, fragrant floral smells, and overall amazing blooms will be in your future with these amazing summer plants!

dutch crocus for the garden bulb

Dutch Crocus

If you are looking for a show-stopping flower that is the opposite of the daffodil, try planting a Dutch crocus flower. These flowers are a beautiful bright purple hue, and they bring the element of surprise to any spring garden.


While daffodils might be rather simple, their white and droopy look offers a natural elegance that is unexplainable. If you are looking for a flower that is classic and white, add the infamous daffodil to your spring garden.

daffodils bulb
Yellow chelidonium flowers used in herbal medicine on wooden table.

Celandine Poppy

Every once in a while, a garden needs a hint of yellow to brighten a gorgeous space. In the case that you need this hint of yellow, try the celandine poppy! This flower is as delicate as a bubble, and as bright as the shining spring sun!

Clerodendrum Ugandense

One of the greatest moments in nature is a butterfly pollinating a flower is a garden. Why not have a gorgeous flower that looks like a butterfly in your garden? The clerodendrum ugandense is the perfect flower for a spring garden that needs to live on the wild side!

Clerodendrum Ugandense