What to Expect When You're Expecting Your Mother-In-Law

By Allison Rodriguez 

Your family has made a big decision: your mother-in-law is moving in.  What’s next?  Here are some tips on how to create the perfect mother-in-law suite in your home!

Discuss living expectations

Before you begin to make plans for your mother-in-law’s big move, it is essential to know how much time she will spend in your home.  Will her stay last a few months, a few years or will it be a permanent stay?   

Once you’ve discussed the timeline as a family, contemplate her living arrangements.  Does a simple guest bedroom suffice or will separate quarters be necessary?  Having conversations about these considerations as a family ensures that everyone’s expectations will be met, and the move will be less stressful.

Discover her style

Now that you have developed the foundation for her oasis, it’s time to decorate!  For the best results, be sure to include your mother-in-law in the process.  Do not make the mistake of assuming you know her taste and style.  Ask her what furniture pieces, art, and color schemes she would appreciate.  Asking your mother-in-law to make a Pinterest board with room ideas may help when you embark on a joint shopping spree to choose décor together.  Simply observing your mother-in-law’s design choices will help you understand her individual style more than ever before!

Add personal touches 

Does your mother-in-law adore fresh flowers or tea?  What’s her favorite candle?  Are there any special family photos to frame?  Incorporating some of her favorite things will not only make the decorating process easier, but also make the space feel uniquely hers. 

Make it feel like home

While shopping for new items with your mother-in-law is undoubtedly a great bonding experience, don’t forget to bring some of her own belongings when she moves in.  This move is likely a big adjustment for your mother-in-law and allowing her to combine her treasures (old and new) is a great way to minimize stress and build an environment that feels like home. 

Creating the perfect mother-in-law suite is no simple task but following these tips will guarantee that your entire family is satisfied with the results.  When in doubt, don’t forget: if mom is happy, then everyone is happy!