Mommy Care Tips

By Sheyanne Kent

With the hectic holiday season finally coming to an end, many restless mothers are finding that they need time to themselves to recoup.  Don’t worry busy moms, we got you!  Look over these five “Mommy Care” tips that can improve the overall quality and balance of your life.

Young creative woman with paintbrush painting self-made jug or pot while sitting by workplace in front of camera

Creating A Balanced Schedule

Every mom can understand the pressure of being constantly overwhelmed with different tasks to get done throughout the day. Creating a balanced schedule will combat the stress of feeling like there is no time to get everything done. In other words, try telling yourself that at least 15 minutes out of every hour, you will either take a brief walk, sit and read, or just relax in your favorite chair.  Or only write down three of the most important things that have to be done that day—there are always enough “new” tasks that arise, that trying to tackle a list with more than three things just adds to the stress.


Mediation is a great way for mothers to come back to center after a long day of mommy duties. Taking a moment out of the day to be present and breathe deeply can be very beneficial for mothers as it allows for a space to finally relax and decompress and connect with the soul. This is best done in the morning before your day starts; however, fitting it in any time will give you a similar benefit.

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Woman caring for plants at home in spring day.

Mommy Time

Having a designated “mommy time” at least once a week is a very crucial element of self care. Spend this time doing things you truly enjoy whether it be painting, reading your favorite book, or baking. Whatever your heart desires! You will feel like you have gone through a renewal process.

Beauty Care

Taking that extra step of having a beauty routine can really boost the confidence in a mother. Pamper yourself with a facemask or two, or make time for a pedicure.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself!

As a mother, at times you may not be able to do everything and be everything at once, leading to you feeling like you aren’t doing “enough”. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Our family therapist experts tell us that rarely do we perform better when we beat ourselves up.  Try speaking affirming thoughts to yourself to stay mentally strong.  An example might be, “I am smart and can do hard things.  I am a blessing to my family and others.  I bring favor to others and receive favor in return.”

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Hopefully, these simple tips will give you the tools to help you tackle Motherhood and everything else thrown your way.