Knot Your Average DIY Gift Guide

You’ve done the candles, soaps and jellies and jams…what next? Crochet items are beautiful and meaningful gifts; these hand-stitched gifts are made to last and perfect year-round projects. Check out this guide on how to get started.

Pick a pattern

Beanies, scarves, blankets – if you can dream it, there’s a pattern for it. Yarn blogs and online crochet shops have hundreds of easy patterns to choose from.


When looking for your new project, look for “beginner ” and “US terms” in its title and description. This is because US and UK crochet terms are different from one another. 


Get your gear

In the pattern description, you’ll find what materials and stitches will be used for your project. Crochet hooks and yarn are readily available at your local craft stores or online, but it’s important to learn how to pick your yarn.

Yarn weight describes how thick the yarn is. This will be shown on the label as a ball of yarn with a number in the middle. The larger the number, the thicker the yarn. Yarn weight charts are readily available online and at craft stores to help you choose the right thickness. 

Different projects use different yarn weights, so it’s important to stick with what the pattern states.

Yarn material is also listed on the front of the label. Cotton, wool and acrylic yarn are all popular choices, but beware – acrylic yarn should not be used for anything involving heat (i.e. pot holders), as heat will melt the yarn.

Practice makes perfect

You picked a pattern, have your hook and yarn, and are ready to jump in, right? Not quite. 

Learning to read a crochet pattern can feel like learning another language, so take some time to get familiar with your pattern. Various craft websites will explain common abbreviations and stitches, and for visual learners, YouTube is a lifesaver. Practice the stitches listed on your pattern until you get comfortable, then you’re ready to dive in.

With this basic guide, you’re ready to make the best gifts for all life’s occasions. Happy crafting!