Keeping your Craft Corner Organized

Crafting has been an important part of many people’s lives and will continue to be a fun and engaging hobby for people of all ages to enjoy. If you are anything like me, you have more than one craft that takes up more of your craft room, closet, or corner than you’d like. Although I love doing all of my crafts, I also love learning new ones and adding that  knowledge to my collection. It can complicate things  when I am wanting to start crafting and then am faced with this mountain of arts and crafts supplies. That is when the fun and relaxing hobby turns into a daunting and overwhelming task.

Why it's Important

Keeping up the organization in your crafting area is not nearly as much fun as doing all of the fun crafts and leaving the mess until next time. We choose hobbies because we want something that we enjoy doing in our limited free time. When that hobby turns into just another chore then we are less likely to enjoy that time let alone get to the actual hobby. Staying on top of the organization in the crafting corner can assist in the willingness to engage your mind in those hobbies that offer that comfort and relief from a busy and chaotic life. 

How I do it

If you are anything like me then you most likely have a mountain of craft supplies for your many different projects and one day projects as well. I will put off doing a craft if I know that I will have to clean first to get through to the crafting table. Keeping everything separated into their own boxes and containers i.e. knitting box, adhesives, crafting paper, pens, e.t.c… helps me a great deal, because it is easier to put something right back where it belongs if it has a designated home to go back to. Color coding the craft boxes or tubs so you know exactly where everything is with just a glance, is also very helpful. 

organize your craft corner

Calm Space = Productive Crafting

With the rapidly approaching holiday season I have a mini mountain of projects that I want to complete not only as gifts but as decorations for myself. I have a list, but I know when I sit down and see the mess I left last time, I will be too intimidated to get to work on things I want to get started on. However, if I keep up with the organization I have set up, I will be able to maintain the motivation that I have and will not lose that as quickly. When my space is clean and put away, my productivity and motivation remain high, as do my enjoyment levels. I think you’ll find the same is true for you and hope you give these tips a try.