Inspirational Date Ideas

When’s the last time you and your spouse had a date night?  Busy schedules and countless responsibilities make it difficult to focus on each other.  Scheduled dates keep couples engaged and in constant communication about one another’s lives.  It’s important to learn to be open and honest so that your relationship will continue to grow.  You develop a great respect and admiration for your “best friend”.  Try to plan dates that are creative, engaging, cost effective and fit into your time.  Here are a few tips and ideas that will motivate and encourage your dates to come!

The Relaxed Date for Every Homebody

Make homemade Pizzas with fresh toppings
Stargaze from your backyard
Host a wine tasting for two
Watch the sunrise from your backyard

The Personal Wellness Dates

Take a workout class together
Volunteer together
Go running at a local park or trails
Read pages of your favorite books to each other


The Local Adventurer

Take a local brewery or vineyard tour
Plan a picnic in a local park
Attend a free concert or theatre production
Go to a local museum or zoo
Head on a mini road trip

The Romantic Evening Date

Eat a dessert-only dinner
Dress up and go to a fancy bar or restaurant
The classic dinner and a movie
Go see your favorite artists in concert  

Be good listeners and focus on what your spouse has to say.  Ask questions about each others days, pray together, share  things you are grateful for and discuss future goals. Most of all just enjoy being together!!