Let Them Eat Ice Cream

By Megan Zapalac

Doesn’t everyone enjoy an ice cream treat this time of year?  Ice cream comes in a variety of flavors and is one of America’s favorite summertime treats.  Everyone has a favorite, but there are so many different flavors that we can’t possibly keep up.  Here are some brands that have come out with new flavors that you might not have ever heard of and some that might even shock you. 

Häagen-Daz is seen as an affordable luxury ice cream, and the Rosé & Cream prove this. It is a wine-infused and sweet cream ice cream.  Despite being infused with wine, it contains less than 0.5% ABV.

Halo Top Ice Cream has a wide variety of lower calorie ice cream and lactose intolerant options.  Jelly Donut has a strawberry swirl that contains pieces of glazed Donut mixture.  It is one of their more creatives flavors, all while being keto-friendly.

Ben & Jerry’s not only comes up with creative names but is also known by most Americans.  Netflix and Chilll’d?  We had to look up the flavors of this sweet creation.  Suppose you can imagine the goodness of peanut butter, pretzels, and brownies all swirled together in frozen sweet cream.  In that case, this might become your favorite flavor!

Who wants to try some cinnamon ice cream that contains pieces of churro cookie?  Vegan ice cream brand Ripple has a Cinnamon Churro ice cream that has this flavor profiles.   Or look up Wildberry Lavender made by Jeni’s Ice Cream.  We have not tried it, but, we can only imagine a little tartness, with a fragrant sweetness that will linger on the palate.  And only in the summer can you find Blue Bell’s Orange Swirl.  Such a throwback to the orange creamsicles enjoyed as a child.

And then there’s the toppings!  Americans have come to love selecting our own toppings ranging from freshly cut fruit to sweet candies, nuts, bits of cookie crumbles, and syrups.  It appears as though there are no limits to anyone’s imagination when it comes to combining a favorite flavor of ice cream with several spoonfuls of toppings.  

Let’s go get ice cream!