How to Snap the Perfect Candid Photo from your Phone

Cell phones have become a lifeline for us.  Remember when women used to feel lost without their purses?  We all feel lost without our phones in hand nowadays.  Phones are used to communicate and take pictures which can now be printed from your phone and used to create collages and memory books.  These “candid” photos are meant to capture genuine moments of your friends and loved ones that perfectly posed photos cannot.  Here are a few tips on ways to ensure you get quality pictures from your phone.

“You deserve to give yourself one more shot and to not give up on your own success”.

Take more than one  

Take several pictures from various angles and positions to catch different lighting and perspective. Many phones now have the “burst” feature which allows you to take a rapid number of photos while in motion.  

Keep the Quality  

Use natural lighting rather than flash when possible as using a flash can sometimes reduce the quality and take away from the genuine nature of candid photos by announcing to your target that you are actively taking their photo.
When taking a photo from a distance, try to get physically closer to your target rather than using the zoom feature, which can often decrease the quality of the photo. You can also consider cropping your photos to get a closer focus on your target.


Use simple techniques 

The rule of thirds is a great technique that photographers often use, this is simply a 3×3 grid system that positions your target into an outer third of the frame rather than being centered.

Enjoy the Moment

Don’t forget to enjoy the moment! Pictures are a great way to capture and create your best memories. 
Share these tips with a friend or spouse so that you can get some great candid photos of yourself too!