How to Clear the Clutter

Let’s face it – decluttering isn’t the most exciting household chore to do. Whether life has been hectic or you don’t know where to begin, here are four fool-proof tips to help you tackle any mess!

Make a list

Planning can make a difference when trying to stay organized and avoid feeling overwhelmed. To begin, walk through your home and make a list of all the rooms or areas that need attention, from most cluttered to least. By writing this down, you’ll be able to stay focused, prioritize your time and energy, and dedicate future time to keeping the most cluttered areas organized.

Start small

Keep in mind, you don’t have to get everything done in one day! After writing out your list, pick one room to work on. Set aside time each day to go through your items, and take small breaks during each decluttering session so you don’t wear yourself out or get frustrated. Once you’re satisfied with the room, move onto the next area on your list and repeat the process. 

Tired young woman in the bedroom with cleaning products and equipment, Housework concept

Keep what you use

Sometimes we bring home more than we need. The key to decluttering your home is to prioritize what you use and what benefits your home and lifestyle. As you sort through your clutter, make piles of items you use on a daily basis, items that are useful to your household, and items you don’t use at all. Unused items can be repurposed, donated, or sold to local thrift or resale shops. 

Utilize your storage space

To help avoid future cluttering and improve organization, make sure everything has a place to go. Baskets are a decorative but useful storage option for towels, linens, throw pillows or toys. Underbed, closet and drawer organizers can help save space and keep everything sorted. You can even invest in closed furniture, such as wardrobes, for seasonal clothing or bulkier items.

Whether this is your first time decluttering your space or you’re brushing up on your organization skills, these tips will help keep your home organized and clean!