What do You Use for Home Security?

Concerns over home security are nothing new.  Individuals have found ways to protect their homes through the ages in a variety of ways.  While we can appreciate all the options we can choose from in our technology driven world today, centuries ago, man relied upon guard dogs to protect their belongings and their families.  

Having a guard dog is still a perfectly good security option because once intruders see or hear the dog, they’ll probably abort their mission.  The family dog can also be depended on to protect your children if intruders are threatening to enter your premises.  While most dogs offer a limited amount of security, there are breeds that have an inherent sense of protection.  The most popular of this breed is the German Shepherd, followed by the Rottweiler and Doberman Pinscher.   

A traditional security system includes a panel to be installed, door and window alarms, and motion detectors.  Some people also choose to add cameras for extra security.  Cameras can be helpful not only for your personal knowledge and safety, but can be a tool if there is neighborhood mischief going on and your house camera happens to catch the activity.


Of course, we have to mention the popular apps that can be controlled from your phone.  One of the best known is Ring Doorbells, which is excellent for those in apartments and other rentals.  Activity can be accessed from your personal phone giving you an element of security whether you are home or away.

            On the simpler side, consider installing a deadbolt lock.  These are easy to find and cost effective.  Be sure to shop around to purchase one that best fits your door and situation.

Another simple solution when it comes to blocking your windows is to plant bushes with thorns.  There are not many intruders that will tackle a rosebush if it is planted strategically in front of easy to reach windows.  Outdoor solar landscaping lighting will also keep thieves from trying to enter your home.

            For the travler?  There are a variety of travel door looks that can be used in hotel rooms.  While most hotels are perfectly safe, if you are wanting to add an element, these are worth looking into and can help give you that sweet night of rest without worrying about someone breaking in.