Holiday Prep Made Easy

With the stress of the holidays, there is enough to do without having to replan the traditional holiday meal every single year. The shopping lists, planning the sides, making sure to have everyone’s favorite part of dinner, not to mention actually making the dinner itself. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas it can easily become overwhelming, but with some forethought and pre-planning we can avoid some of the panic that comes every holiday season. Plan ahead by creating a holiday binder filled with different sections to make sure that you have all the information that you will need in one place for year after year of family dinners without all the stress. 

  1. Divide your binder into two main sections, the first being Thanksgiving and the second being Christmas. If you have other traditional meals throughout the year that you would like to add to the holiday binder then add more sections in order of the holiday. 
  1. For both holidays, start the section off with a list of the main course that you are planning on fixing as well as every side and dessert that you are also planning on making. Make sure to double check with your family members so that you are not excluding one of their favorite parts of the meal. 
  1. Make a shopping list for every ingredient that you will need for your holiday meals. Writing down what category these items belong to, i.e. dairy, meats, veggies, etc… can make for an easier time at the grocery store. 
  1. After the list is complete, compile all your family favorite and traditional recipes that you use every year and place them or copies of them in the binder. This way you will not waste time hunting down and stressing about finding Grandma’s famous recipe. 
  2. Do the same steps for the other sections in your holiday binder and then when it comes holiday season, you have all your information in one place ready to go to save you time and energy!
holiday binder