Here We Go! Traveling with Grandparents

It must be stated that anywhere grandchildren get to travel with grandparents, is a delight and an experience all its own.  However, besides the usual theme parks, beaches, or well-known destinations, here are some suggestions that might have been overlooked.  Let their parents and their friends take them to the newest resort, because you can take them to some places which will carry a special meaning.  You can give them a one-of-a-kind adventure.


  1. Take them to your childhood home.  Boring?  Not at all!  Show them the home, or farm where you grew up.  Drive them around the neighborhood and share the stories of your youth.  They will immediately identify with some of the activities and the age gap will shrink immediately.  Kids also love to see the schools where you attended and hear stories about school in your era.
  2. Are there any childhood homes of famous people within a nice traveling distance?  Former President George W. Bush grew up in Midland, TX.  There are regular tours and programs offered in the home making it interesting for all ages.  This makes for a wonderful opportunity to talk a little about our government, the political system, and the importance of understanding history.  More information on this can be found at
  3. If your grandchildren are city kids, take them for a couple of days to a working dude ranch.  The kids will love riding horses, being outside, and possibly helping with some minor chores.  There are a number of dude ranches all over the United States.  If that is too lofty a trip for what you have in mind, it is very possible that you know someone on a farm or ranch close by with livestock and some fun activities that might host you for a day or two.  Besides that, you might find a secret fishing hole to enjoy for a few hours.
  4. Are your grandkids older and possibly thinking about college or a career?  It might be a special treat to travel with them to a couple of college campuses to expose them to the environment and possibly even secure a casual tour.  If there is a particular career they are interested in, take them where it all began.  For example, does he want to be an airline pilot?  Why not plan a trip around the Wright Brothers to Kitty Hawk, NC?  Build the whole trip around this event and keep them inspired in their dream.  This idea can translate into practically any profession.  Do a little internet research on the career of their choice, and build a trip around it.  You will both benefit in more ways than you will ever realize.
  5. Finally, if you can only take a short trip, then build it around all the historical markers within 100 miles of your home.  You can actually download an app to find the markers in any given area.  Let the kids plan the trip according to the markers they want to check out.  Pack a treat, or a drink, or purchase a small souvenir to commemorate the event described on each marker to bring an extra measure of creative fun to the day. 

These ideas are just the beginning of what you might be able to think up while you are planning a trip.  Whether you travel a thousand miles, or stay in your own county, many sweet and memorable moments can be experienced as two generations spend time together exploring new things.  There is truly nothing more special than the gift of time with your grandchildren.  Allow that time to be spent in ways that will bring more than momentary pleasure to them.