We are the healthy alternative to fast food! We offer 100% gluten free, diabetic friendly, heart healthy, low-glycemic, pre-portioned, balanced meals. All of our meals are packed in microwave safe and reusable containers.  All of our meals (and snacks and smoothies) are made using REAL food.  They are freshly prepared throughout the week and never frozen.  All meals are gluten-free and we give attention to the quality of each ingredient we use.  Come in and pick up 1 or 12!  Don’t forget about our “Family Meal” option.  Check ’em out!  there’s a little bit of something for everyone. We’re pretty proud of our line of coconut milk based, all real food smoothies! They are our healthy fat approach to meal-replacement (but still go great with one of our snacks). We sweeten with honey or maple syrup and use minimal ice. Our fruity smoothies taste great with stevia so if you don’t want the added sugar, just ask!  806-722-2727

Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and Snacks

“They make eating clean and healthy SO easy and convenient and they have done such an amazing job educating me through their Facebook!”

“This place is great! We have been there 3 times and the man and lady are very friendly and are willing to help you..the meals that I have had so far are soo good its hard to believe it’s healthy! You guys need to check this place out..and the popcorn was surprisingly good; you will want more!  We will be back for more!”-Cerisa