Spring Into Your Health! Healthy Habits For Longer Days

By Peggy Norton

As we transition to longer, warmer days – thanks to Daylight saving time – you can kick your movement into high gear!  It is the perfect time to refocus and align your goals with the season, while permitting you to thrive in your health during these challenging times.

Explore these activities to get you moving:

  • Outdoor cleaning. Take advantage of NEAT, or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, and dedicate a day for cleaning. Gather your family on a Saturday morning and turn cleaning into a fun event. Instead of delegating tasks, have everyone take turns trying a little bit of everything. Have fun raking twigs together or pulling weeds!
  • Plant a garden. Once your yard is clean, and ready to go, designate an area for a flower or vegetable garden. Fertilize, then plant your favorite vegetables for healthy meals, or create an aesthetic flower design.  Order some seeds or gardening supplies online and have them shipped right to your door.
  • Walk or ride your bike. Walk or ride your bike for some outdoor exercise in your neighborhood. Alternatively, take a family bike ride around the neighborhood on a nice afternoon while continuing to practice social distancing. You will burn extra calories in the process! Remember, if you haven’t been on a bike for a while, work up to the longer rides.  Stretch before and after your ride to help reduce soreness!
  • Strength training in your backyard. As the days become longer, we get more time in the sun. Grab a couple of small free weights and follow a simple strength routine to tone your arms, legs and core.  While you do that, use the sun to take in your daily dose of Vitamin D as you spend time outside. Vitamin D can boost your mood and immune system!
  • Take time for yourself. These uncertain times can feel stressful and hectic so it is important to take time for yourself when you can. It can be as simple as jogging, walking or stretching outside each night, in an uninterrupted setting.

 If you’d like some help getting your health on track with a balanced nutritional plan, let’s connect today!