Get the Dads Involved!

By Sheyanne Kent

Fathers typically focus on being the provider for the family and working hard to keep everyone afloat.  But many fathers don’t realize that having an emotional connection with their children is just as important!  Below are five activities that are sure to get dad more involved!

Have a movie night

Pop the popcorn and dim the lights ‘cause it’s movie night! Whether it’s a new flick, or one of dad’s old childhood favorites, watching a movie is a great way to spend more time with the kids with zero hassle.

Go on a nature walk

Nature walks through the park are not only a great way for dads to bond with their kids without any distractions, but it also can be a hands-on way for the kids to learn more about different vegetation, habitats and animal life. Breathing fresh air and soaking in some sunshine is an extra benefit.

Happy family have fun on beautiful autumn day
dad and child reading paper

Play a game

Who doesn’t love a good game night? Engaging in gameplay is the perfect way to bring out dad’s child-like spirit and allow space for some friendly competition in the household. Besides, at some point, every kid wants to “beat Dad” at something!


Dads, what is something you enjoyed doing as a kid? Introducing your kids to your old childhood favorites, whether it be a character, toy or a game, is another great way to get connected with the kids while also revisiting a few good childhood memories of your own! Most kids love knowing that you dressed up like the super-hero of your day, or that you tried certain sports.

cheerful dad and daughter having fun and playing with joystick and using virtual reality headset on
dad reading book to children


Believe it or not, your kids love a good storytime. Go down memory lane as you tell your kids about a few memories from when you were their age. Sometimes simply telling your kids more about your life yields a greater connection with them in the long run.

The expression of a Father’s love can not be duplicated in any way.  Have fun and be creative with your children and the rewards will be seen as they grow.