The Front Porch

Everyone has some type of front porch, but using the porch is a different story.  For many, the front porch is not user-friendly.         
Decorating your porch might seem intimidating, but can be as simple as you make it. 

For starters, add seating.  Seating can be visually appealing when done to match the home.  In the form of rocking
chairs or a bench, seating is a must for a user-friendly porch use.  Adding some decorative pillows to the seating
can also brighten up the front of your home.  A door wreath is also a great way to make your front porch bright and inviting.  These
wreaths can show the personality of the family, or reflect holidays or seasons.  If you need help with selecting a wreath,
talk to the girls at Front Door Décor. They will bring you a new one every month if you choose.

Aside from a visual pleasing space, the porch can be another room of the home to relax in.  One big reason people don’t utilize their porches is the bug factor.  Flies and mosquitos can make it impossible to spend time outside.  Adding mosquito repelling candles or fans can make a big difference.  The less you are swatting at bugs, the more enjoyable your porch will be.  Whether you are trying to create a useful space or create curb appeal, give a little thought a some time to making this space fit the needs of your family.