Traditional Thanksgiving meals typically consist of ham, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, yams, cranberry sauce, rolls and pumpkin pie. Yummy! Suppose you have three Thanksgivings to attend. Are you really going to want to eat the same food each meal?? Probably not. Non-Traditional Thanksgiving dinners are on the rise for this very reason. Here are some alternatives to prevent you from feeling like a over stuffed turkey every year!


Brisket is a relatively high priced item but more usable than turkey. You can make BBQ sandwiches, tacos, chili or basically any meat dish. Turkey tends to dry out before there is time to make it in to other dishes which makes brisket a better choice for leftovers too. Brisket can be served with any of your favorite Thanksgiving sides or traditional BBQ side dishes- either way, it’s sure to be a people pleaser.


Who doesn’t love cheese and noodles?!  Lasagna is a popular dish for many families and serves large quantities.  You can freeze it and then reheat in the oven on a later date.  There are several types of lasagnas you can bake such as veggie, beef, cheese, sausage, and chicken.  Have a few available to choose from at your next family gathering.


Whether Mexican stack up or home made enchiladas these are always a crowd favorite!  You can have cheese, chicken, beef or any stuffing and sauce you desire.  Enchiladas are relatively inexpensive to make and great for large families. This dish is easy to freeze and perfect to reheat on those busy school nights.