Gaining Peace With A Tidy Home

By Lasha Wineinger

Sometimes juggling everything in life can be a bit overwhelming.  The kids have school, your spouse needs attention, everyone is hungry, clothes need folding, and the dishes are piling up.  While keeping an orderly house may be stressful, it could make all the difference in daily life.  A messy home can lead to a stressful life.  Walking through the door at the end of the day should be relaxing, not stress enhancing. 
Maintaining a clean house is hard, as it can be challenging and time consuming.  Sometimes the thought of picking up more dirty laundry is just downright daunting.  Before throwing in the towel and caving to a messy home, consider using a cleaning service to help with the up keep.  One of our favorite local cleaning companies, Dust Bunnies and Dishes, make sure to stress about every detail in the house, so you don’t have to!
“Before I left the house I went to turn off the light switch in the laundry room & noticed little hands got it dirty… it was the last thing I saw.  The first thing I noticed when I got home was all the switches in my house had been wiped down! I [love] this company and will absolutely use them again.. SOON! You will not be disappointed!! Thank you Dust Bunnies & Dishes” said one satisfied customer.
However, if you are feeling your home is cluttered and unorganized, try using an interior designer company such as Kingsbery Creek Decor to help you redecorate.  Sometimes mixing up the interior of the house can make for less stress and better organization. 
“My wife and I are very grateful for the help, guidance, direction, and insight that Billie has provided to us with our new home,” said a reviewer on the Kingsbery Creek Décor Lubbock website.
Keeping a clean and tidy home can make a huge difference in your mental well being so make sure to take action if you feel you aren’t able to keep up.  Life has many obstacles and kids have many activities that take up time so let these experts help you if needed or call on a friend or family member.  They will completely understand!!