Let's Get Cozy

Comfort can have several definitions depending on whom you ask.  It can involve candles, wide spaces or shelves full of books!   Once you determine what makes you feel comfortable, how do you get there?

This time of year, usually the word comfort is synonymous with COZY!  Running wild with scented candles, coffee mugs everywhere and blankets to wrap yourself in, makes for a perfectly cozy space!

For those who want a cozy space but may not know how to get there, we’ve got you covered.  
For starters, decide if you prefer a specific room or the entire house. From there, you’ll be able to
hone in on what your preferences are.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Find your favorite scent and buy it in bulk! Okay, maybe not in bulk but buy a few. Anything with lavender will bring a relaxing tone and atmosphere to the room.
  2. Choose the perfect lighting for your mood. While the bright overhead light is a good choice during the day, think about how you want to unwind after a busy workday. Soft lighting, such as table lamps, will develop a serene tone.
  3. Keep the space clean! While not everyone is always on top of their cleaning habits, a key component of cozy is uncluttered and clean. It helps to just spend about 30 minutes a day throwing away papers that collect, or sorting the laundry.  You will even enjoy relaxing more knowing you put some things away.
  4. Stock up on blankets and pillows! This works especially well in the bedroom and the living room. Imagine a movie night snuggled into a pile of pillows with the softest blanket – pretty good, right?

Try a few of these out, tweak them to your liking and let’s get cozy!