Wreaths are a fantastic way to add a unique, welcoming element to your home and can be swapped out for any season or holiday.  Try this fun DIY project!

-picture frame (preferably with wide edges)
-paint or wood stain
-paint brush
-florals and foliage
-hot glue
-any additional accents (pumpkins, letters, ribbon… get creative!)

*If needed, remove the backing and glass of your frame to make it an open-back frame.
(Optional) Sand down your frame to remove existing color or sealants.
-Paint or stain your frame to your desired color. Using warm colors will highlight the fall theme of your wreath but pick one that will also compliment the color your door.
-Arrange the flowers and leaves the way you’d like and take a picture for reference.
-Glue your arrangement to the frame.
-Add your accents, like a bow to hang the frame or a cute sign to go in the center.  Adding elements like mini pumpkins or pine cones can make your wreath more suitable for the fall season.