Are you wanting to take out the UGH factor that’s happening in your backyard right now?  We hear ya!  Here are a few suggestions to spruce it up and help create a more inviting space.

Whether it’s a brisk winter night or a warm moon-lit evening under the stars, a fire pit is a great addition to any yard.  This can be a fun family DIY project or you can purchase one locally.

fire pit 2

Homemade or humorous patio doormats are always a hit too.  They are the gateway from the great outdoors to the indoors.  River rock doormats are a fun DIY project, and you can add your own special touch such as your initial or a cute saying.  This incredibly easy design can be done at a low-cost but have the look and attitude of a store bought design. 

A collection of mason jar lights around your back porch will create an artsy appeal in the daytime and romantic ambiance at night.  Lighting accents your landscape and gives off a very welcoming feel for your guests.   LED or solar lighting are the way to go!

mason jar lights