Choosing a Pillow

Ahhhhh…..who doesn’t love a new pillow to sleep on?  Do you like soft?  Firm?  Squishy?  Choosing the right type of pillow can seem like a silly task,
but it is a very important one. Your sleep is dependent upon your choosing the right pillow for your sleeping habits.
There are different pillows that will be more comfortable based on the position you sleep in.

For stomach sleepers, a super soft pillow is recommended.  The softness allows your head and chest to sink in, causing less pain in the neck.  A soft pillow is also recommended for those who sleep on their side and back.  This will cushion the head better than a firm pillow would when lying on your side.  And for all those back sleepers, a firm or medium pillow is the one for you.  The extra padding will keep your head and neck supported, and give you a better night sleep.

Another consideration when choosing a pillow is the down pillow fill.  If you are cursed with allergies, a hypoallergenic pillow will keep you more
comfortable at night, and reduce your allergy symptoms.  This is because hypoallergenic pillows are washed and de-dusted.  This means your pillow
will cost a little more, but waking up fully rested and energized is worth a few extra dollars.

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” — Homer