Fun for Kids of All Ages

The possibility of sending the kids outside is slowly getting less and less plausible as the temperatures keep dropping and the ice keeps stacking on top of itself. While having your kids trapped in the house with you can sound fun for the first day, it can quickly decrease in its popularity as the kids’ energy keeps growing and the house starts to feel mousy as the days continue. Having fun things planned for the whole family can help to get that energy out and have some family fun indoors where it is nice and warm. 

Family Baking!

While baking as a family can seem like a daunting task (too many cooks in the kitchen might chime in your head), setting aside the mess and the possibility of an over-stimulating experience, this could be a fun time to teach your kids how to bake while making a delicious treat that everyone will enjoy! Kids look up to and mimic their parents; they are sure to love the chance to get to do what they have watched their parents do all their lives. Don’t forget about family clean up, too! Cleaning up is no one’s favorite chore. But put on some fun music and have a family dance party as you clean up. Or you can create a game out of the clean up time. Who can put up the most dishes? Who is the best dish scrubber? The one who wins gets to eat the treat you just created together first!

Family hide and go seek with a twist.

Kids play games all the time but the only thing they probably do not do as often is get the chance to play games that they play with their peers with their parents. It can be a very fun experience to see your parents play with you like your friends do. Consider turning your house into a playground for the afternoon. Make the kitchen the safe zone and play a big game of hide and go seek with nerf guns. Instead of tagging the other players you have to hit them with your nerf gun, unless they make it to the safe zone. A fun time for kids of all ages.