Farmer Finds Beauty in Local Surroundings

Who says Lubbock has no beauty?  If this is you, then plant yourself in front of Steven Chapman’s Facebook page or website for a few minutes.  You will recognize common sites from our area, but featured in a way that shows off the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. 

Steven farms in the northeast part of Lubbock County, but uses his camera to connect with nature on another level.  Not only does his website show a beautiful progression of our pride, the cotton plant; but, he has the patience to wait on animals to feed, to nurture their young, to run, or to rest.  As a bonus, you don’t have to look through too many photos to find some great shots of the Texas Tech football team as well.

Feast your eyes on the sampling on this page, then find a few minutes to enjoy his Facebook page and his website.  His keen eye and steady hand have produced some magnificent nature shots showcasing the extraordinary beauty in our little spot of the world.