Summer to Fall Landscape Transformation - Bring it!

By Madison Rodriguez

The transition from summer to fall can be very exciting.  Summer heat becomes crisp fall air with beautiful autumn leaves.  While you might be ready for the new season with warm sweaters and an apple cider in hand, your plants and landscaping may need your help preparing for the weather changes ahead.  Here are a few tips to promote growth and beauty in your garden when the season is changing from summer to fall:

Build your CompostThe cooling temperatures can leave your garden vulnerable to a number of hosts and pests that could be detrimental to the health and growth of your plants.  By getting rid of weeds, annuals, and any other decaying matter, you are not just ensuring that your outdoor space will look better, but that it will also be healthier.  If the thought of throwing away all of your garden’s excess waste upsets you, don’t worry!  You can use your healthy bits of waste to create a compost for next year.  Just make sure that your compost pile does not have any harmful insects or diseased matter.  There is a ton of information on the internet on how to build a compost if that is the option you choose.

Scrap Summer Seedlings- Plants that are particularly suited for summer weather will not thrive in the fall.  Consider replacing summer hydrangeas with a flower that will have vibrant and beautiful colors in the fall, such as a dahlia.

Plant or Trim Trees and Shrubs- Typically, the soil in autumn will be ideal for trees and shrubs.  If you already have these plants, the transition between summer and fall is a perfect time to trim them before the end of harvest.

Fertilize Your Lawn- When the weather gets cooler, it is important to remember to fertilize your grass.  This will ensure your grass will continue to grow, even when the conditions are less than favorable.


It is as simple as that.  Follow these tips, and you will have the most healthy and eye-catching lawn of the season.  C’mon Fall—we’re ready for you!