DIY Toilet Paper Pumpkins


-Mega toilet paper rolls so pumpkins look round and fat

-18-inch square piece of your choice fabric for each pumpkin

-3-4-inch sticks (can be cinnamon sticks or sticks off trees from outside)

-Green ribbon or leaves

-A pencil


  1. Lay out your fabric square. Place a roll of toilet paper in the center.
  2. Unroll the toilet paper 8-10 times. Then loosely roll it back up, twisting and scrunching the toilet paper as you do so.  This gives you a rounder pumpkin shape.
  3. Grab one corner of the fabric and tuck it inside the toilet paper roll, using a pencil to push it down.
  4. Continue with the other three corners, gathering up the fabric as you stuff each corner into the center of the toilet paper roll.
  5. Tie a ribbon around a twig and stuff it in the center of the pumpkin for a stem.