Educational Toys and Goals for Toddlers 2-5 years

Children develop so quick during the toddler years that it’s important we help challenge them to learn to think, feel, do, and ask questions.  Educational toys can appeal to the child’s natural talents, interests, size, and abilities.  The best toys can be played with in many ways, multiple times.  Here are a few games that help develop toddlers skills early on.

The Onshine Colorful Wooden Toy game helps build early shape, color, and size differentiation skills and learn basic count. This kit trains a child with thinking ability, hand, eye, and brain coordination ability.

A Pull Back Vehicle Set develops sensory, fine motor, gross motor, problem-solving, language, social, and emotional skills.

Building Blocks develop their fine motor skills, shaping perception about size, sequencing, comparing, creative thinking, pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, decision making, and social skills.

Alphabet and Animal Puzzles help teach phonics, spelling, vocabulary, reasoning and color matching skills.

Chore Reward Charts teach responsibility and encourage kids to do their chores with positive reinforcement, as well as teach better behavior and the importance of goal setting.

The Learning Journey Match It game teaches ABCs, animals/objects, and lower and upper case letters.

Learning Friends 100 Words Book helps kids discover new vocabulary with fun learning friends! Touch the words on each page to hear the animals introduce every word in both English and Spanish.

There are many more educational toys available but these are a few of our favorites!