Easter Egg-Worthy Activities

By Madison Rodriguez

All families have celebrated Easter by participating in an egg hunt or coloring eggs. These activities are fun, but most people want the festivities to continue after the egg hunt and coloring are done!  If you find yourself running out of things to do with your family on Easter, here are a few ideas to get started!

A child is holding an Easter bunny toy card with easter egg. Handmade. Project of childrens creativity, handicrafts, crafts for kids.

Pin the tail on the bunny

Blindfolded family games are fun for all ages.  If your family loves to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey at parties, you should make an Easter version!  Simply make a cotton ball tail and get a picture of a bunny.  Voila!  The perfect party game that will be a bunny-hopping good time for the whole family!

Baking Easter Cupcakes

Some of the best treats all year are made to celebrate Easter.  It would be a delightful activity to bake Easter cupcakes with your family.  All you need is frosting, cake, green-colored coconut, and a bunny-shaped marshmallow candy.  Combine the baking and decorating, and you have the best homemade dessert and unforgettable memories!

Cupcakes decorated with fondant Easter bunnies
little girl creates easter basket

Make Easter Baskets for Others

The holidays are some of the best times to give back.  If you want to show your kids the gratification and heart-warming feeling of giving, try making Easter baskets for kids in your community.  Many kids around the country don’t have the privilege of enjoying a delectable chocolate bunny for Easter, and sending out baskets to those kids is the perfect way to end Easter together.

The whole family will have a great time during Easter weekend with these fun family bonding and festive activities!  Have a wonderful and long holiday weekend!