DIY Christmas Cards

Summer is officially behind us, which means that the holiday season is just right around the corner. Before you know it you’ll be sipping your pumpkin spiced latte and curling up while the snow swirls outside your window. Every year we tell ourselves that we want to make a christmas card for our loved ones and then before you realize it, Christmas is tomorrow and there is just no time left. Let’s get started early this year with a super simple step that makes these Christmas cards so easy anyone can do it.

DIY Cards - Christmas Cards

The Base

Once you’ve picked the cute cardstock that you want to use as the base of your card, cut the sheet in half and then fold the paper in half leaving a tiny overlap on one side of the paper so that it is easier to open the card.


Next pick a couple different colors or patterned paper that you would like to use on your card.  Pick a paper  you like that is more subtle for the first layer and cut the paper so that it is a quarter of an inch smaller than the cardstock base. Using an adhesive that you like or even a handy glue stick, paste it down onto your cardstock.  Next select a pop of fun for the middle layer!  Using the same method as before measure out your patterned or fun middle layer coming in about a quarter of an inch from the last layer and paste it down.  The last layer should be a solid color, again, using the same method as before, come in a quarter of an inch and place down that final piece of paper. 


Now that we have all the paper pasted down, the card is really coming together! All we need now is a finishing touch that will tie our card together and give it that festive feel that the holiday season brings!  Find a cute sticker that you like or maybe a fun stamp and place it down on the center of your card, adding that cherry on top to your handmade card. 


Your card is mailing ready! All you need now is to write your Christmas messages to your loved ones and stick it in an envelope to be mailed away and enjoyed by your friends and family! If you’re wanting to add just a little extra Christmas flare to your card you could add a stick or stamp to the inside of your card or maybe even the outside of your envelope.