Are We Still Dating?

By Raenesha Spurs

Date nights mean so much to relationships. Dating is sometimes hard to allow once you become married because it’s so easy for the bulk of your time together to be about discussing the kids, the jobs, or household situations.  However, it truly is important in your journey as a couple to make date nights a “must.”  This is another opportunity to really get to know one another on even deeper levels and doing some fun activities can spark some conversation for better understanding. 

If you and your spouse are more “seasoned,” it’s a great way to break out of the normal routine of your relationship.  No matter how old your relationship is, you should go on a date at least every week or every other week.  In Lubbock there are plenty of different restaurants to try and when that gets tiring you can always make your own date.  So, when you’re looking for some ideas give these try!


  1. Drive-in movie at Stars and Stripes – With COVID-19 still effecting things movie dates are almost impossible to do. You’ll want to go check out Lubbock’s very own drive-in movie. It’s safe and they’re always showing throwback movies and new ones as well. 



  1. Paint and picnic date – There are other ways to enjoy your time together other than just the movies, why not try a picnic! Lubbock has some of the most beautiful sunsets in west Texas. Grab a lunch kit or picnic basket and head to buddy holly park. Just so you also have something to do add a few canvases from hobby lobby and paint brushes for a nice activity. You can aim to freestyle your paintings or look up free stencils for you and you partner to paint. 


  1. Classic Dinner Date – You and your partner can always have a dinner date if nothing else! There’s nothing wrong with a classic dinner reservation date just make sure to change up your restaurant choices. Lubbock has some great places like the Funky Door, Italian Garden and more. 

The important thing is that you and partner bond and dig deeper with one another to help your relationship grow no matter which date night you pick!