Creative Ways to Recycle

Pollution is a global issue, which is why recycling is so important.  It helps lesson the
non-biodegradable waste, conserves natural resources, and reduces contamination of streams and waterways.  Paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic are a few of the things that can be recycled.  We aren’t all shown how to recycle in our upbringing so how can we get our kids to care about and start recycling? 
Consistency is key!  We must emulate this process in our households for our kids to become aware and follow in our steps.  Here are some creative ways to help encourage the family to get started.   

Arts & Crafts Project

Buy and label decorative bins or make this an arts and crafts project for your kids.  Let them design their own bin or decorate one using a variety of materials.  

Household Competition

Who can fill up their bin the fastest?  Kids love prizes and this will definitely motivate them to stay consistent.  Treat the winner to an ice cream or movie.

School Competition or Involvement

Check with your kids teacher or school to see if they have recycling events planned.  Maybe each grade level can compete and win a pizza party??  Each class can decorate their own bin with a theme selected by the teachers.   

Other Ways We Can Practice Conservation at Home 

Shut off Lights

Only use lights in a room when needed.

Turn off Water

Brush your teeth and wash your hands with the water off. If you hand wash your dishes, fill the sink with water instead of letting the water run while washing.


Save gas and air pollution by riding to school together or carpooling to soccer practice

toilet flush

If it's yellow, let it mellow

The toilet is one of the most water-intensive fixtures in the house so decide whether or not you really need to flush every time.