A New Kid Favorite-Cowboy Jack

What happens during the Covid shutdown when your children keep watching the same television shows and you realize that even when you find a show that matches your values, there may be other unrealistic influences that are portrayed?  There’s only one solution that most parents land on—create something yourself!

Hence, Cowboy Jack was born as an alternative to some programming his child was watching.  As a  5th generation Texan, portraying the part of a working cowboy was an obvious decision.  Creating a channel on You Tube was the next step. 

Creator John Havard states that as he considered his main mission, he realized we live in “an amazing, beautiful, historical, and wonderful place.”   He goes on to mention that everywhere we look there is something exciting and worth learning about.  His mission is to bring those lessons to kids in an entertaining way.

He has already produced quite a few episodes, but, so far the crowd favorite has been The Learning Zoo.  Cowboy Jack does an excellent job of highlighting the personalities of those he is interviewing and allows them to showcase their domain in a natural and authentic way.  Be sure to also check out Little Beakers Science Lab and Meet the Police.  Your kids will not only be entertained, but will find out some really cool facts.

The most important characteristic of these shows is what all parents will appreciate.  As a parent of two small children himself, he knows the values he wants engrained in his children and he and his wife also realize it takes a whole village to bring those values to the table.  His promise to other parents is that he will never produce a program that he would not allow his own children to view. 

Go find the Cowboy Jack show on the You Tube channel, subscribe, and feel good about the programming your children are watching.  You can watch The Learning Zoo video by clicking the link below.   More than likely, your kids will want to see more!