Celebrating That Graduation

By Heather Jones

The New Year consistently brings out the most hopeful times for people.  New Year’s Resolutions are established, goals are set, plans are made, and the year’s possibilities seem endless.  This is especially true when graduation rolls around, and the changing times allow for fresh starts and blank pages… just as the new year does.  Do you know someone reaching a milestone in their academic career?  If you are celebrating a graduate this spring, let’s make sure your graduate feels special…no matter their age!

preschool graduation

Pre-K Graduates:

It’s always a big deal when preschoolers move on to elementary school.  If you have a child graduating from preschool this year, make sure they know how amazing that accomplishment is.  On their last day of school, take them out for ice cream or their favorite dessert to celebrate.

Elementary School Graduates:

Graduating from elementary school is a pivotal moment in a child’s life.  Kids at this age look forward to class schedules, using a locker, and getting involved in extracurricular activities.  To get your child ready for their next adventure in middle school, treat them to a sleepover with friends or a fun movie to celebrate their elementary school graduation.

Graduation cap with diploma over the table. Clipping path included.
Graduation Day

Middle School Graduates:

When teenagers graduate from middle school, there is typically much excitement.  If you have a child graduating from middle school this year, soak up some family time by going out to dinner at their favorite restaurant.  You won’t regret this quality time before high school takes its toll on their busy schedule!

High School Graduates:

High School Graduation is an unforgettable moment in every graduates life.  This time exemplifies new beginnings, either in college, in the workforce, or in the military.  Whatever the future looks like for your graduate this year, show them how proud you are of them.  Throw them a graduation party, get them a special gift, or take them out to dinner or on a vacation of their choice.

Graduates at university graduation ceremony wearing mortarboard and gown

College Graduates:

When people graduate from college, it can bring about intense emotions.  This milestone is not easy to come by, and takes a lot of effort and determination to accomplish.   If you are celebrating a college graduate this year, make sure you remind them of their successes and their journey. Get the whole family together and have a party!

Whatever age your graduate is and however you chose to celebrate them, make sure that they know how loved and appreciated they are.  It is important for kids to feel like they are making a difference and that their accomplishments are recognized.

Congratulations not only to your graduate this year, but to yourself too.  You had a hand in getting your graduate to the place they are today!